The La Plata island and the Horno de Pan, Los Frailes and Las Viudas beaches are ideal for diving in clear and warm waters where you will feel like a fish. On the island of Salango you can snorkel among colorful and happy species. They will be experiences that you will never forget!


Elegant marine birds and striking migratory humpback whales in the La Plata Island, sea turtles in the lonely beach Los Frailes, toucans and monkeys in the cloud forest of the Chongón-Colonche mountain range and a lake of sulfur in the Agua Blanca village, They wait for you to enjoy nature like nowhere else.


Try the delicious viche, a prehispanic soup made with fish, seafood, squash, beans, sweet potato and banana. If the products of the sea are not to you, a delicious barbecue of several cuts of meat prepared to charcoal and seasoned with salt, pepper and chimichurri, will make a party of flavors for your palate.